Three Rules For My Life (Right Now)


Rules For My Life

I decided to write some rules for my life, because… I needed some. Specifically, I needed the rules to come from me. With all of the standards the world forces on us (some good and some bad), it was important for me to state how I wanted to live my life.

My rules are short and simple–exactly what I need. Do you have rules you try to live by?


Small Steps

Small Steps GraphicI’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” That’s because it wasn’t (I know–I was there). Take one step at a time. Everything happens when it’s supposed to, so all you need to do is stay encouraged while you work towards your goals.

“Small steps every day”… Just in case I you need a reminder.

Image Courtesy: A House in the Hills


Classy Cocktails

Old Fashioned

What’s your favorite cocktail? Is it something you’re embarrassed to shout to a bartender? You shouldn’t be ashamed–it’s just a drink. However, it may be time to step your cocktail game up if you’re suffering from bar embarrassment. I’m not saying people will judge you on your drink of choice, I’m just saying they may judge you on your drink of choice.

So here’s some classic cocktails from Food & Wine. Try one of these next time you want to fool people into thinking you’re fancy.

Photo Courtesy: Sean Davis


Throwback Thursday: Outkast feat. Killer Mike – “The Whole World”

The Coachella crowd may not have been enthused about Outkast’s reunion, but who cares? The die-hard fans like me were more than pleased to stream the performance and hold mini concerts in our living rooms. (Everyone did that, right?).

Andre, Big Boi and Killer Mike weren’t able to perform “The Whole World,” so here it is, folks.

Be sure to check out Outkast if they come to a festival near you.

Easter Crafts Roundup

The Internet loves Easter! I do too, so I’ve gathered some of the best Easter crafts from around the Web. Fill your holiday weekend with eggs, pastels and bunnies galore.

“Easter Basket Inspiration” – Cupcakes and Cashmere

“Adorable Easter Manicure” – Glam

“Peeps Bunny Place Card Holder” – A Beautiful Mess

“Sharpie Easter Eggs” – Cutesy Crafts

“Ukrainian Easter Eggs” – Style Me Pretty

Photo Courtesy: Cupcakes and Cashmere


Wardrobe: Rompers for Spring

How cute are rompers? Seriously, they’re playful, sexy and perfect for warm weather. (Also, a one piece has to be the most convenient thing ever.) I wasn’t sure what to think when rompers came back on the scene a couple of years ago, but I picked up a floral one from Urban Outfitters in 2009 and I’ve been sold since then.

Spring Rompers

Luckily, for ladies who like to show off their gams, rompers aren’t going anywhere. Try a pastel or neon-colored one this spring. And, of course, anything splashed in flowers will do.

1 LOVE Mint Oriental Print Frill Shorts Playsuit, 2 Topshop Petite Lace Back Playsuit, 3 ANGL Tangerine Cut Out Halter Romper