New Music: Azealia Banks – Fantasea Mixtape

Harlem native and hip-hop’s current darling just released her first mixtape entitled “Fantasea.” If you love house music, rappers who can actually rap or all of the above, then you should definitely check out Azealia Banks’ latest offering. She also sings on a couple of tracks, but don’t get her confused with that other lady rapper—Banks is in a league of her own.

While I don’t understand what she’s saying on a majority of the songs, “Fantasea” is still enjoyable. It’s the kind of mixtape you’d listen to while getting ready to tear up the city with your girls. You know, “pre-game music.”

Download “Fantasea” here.

How do you feel about Ms. Azealia?


One thought on “New Music: Azealia Banks – Fantasea Mixtape

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