Outskirt’s Week in Review: March 22

It’s been an interesting week in pop culture. Let’s just get in to it, shall we?

  • Bey Season is in full effect, and Beyonce hasn’t even released an official single (we think?). Everyone, including Keyshia Cole, had something to say about “Bow Down/ I Been On.” I personally loved the Houston-influenced song, but some people think it’s offensive for sweet, little Beyonce Knowles-Carter to curse… Because it’s only 2013, right? In the midst of the chatter, retail giant H&M officially announced that Beyonce would be the face of their new summer campaign titled “Mrs. Carter in H&M.” Make that money, honey.

Beyonce H&M

  • Miley Cyrus, who has strangely become more likable as an adult than her days as Hannah Montana, decided to film her twerk after a photoshoot. Like all things that make no sense-it went viral.

  • For all of you “Girls” fans that are already having withdrawals since the second season wrapped: Lena Dunham recently sat down with the folks at “Playboy” for an interesting interview. For all of you who are tired of seeing Dunham naked: she kept her clothes on. Head over to Entertainment Weekly to read some highlights from the Q&A.

Have a great weekend! Oh, and now that spring has officially sprung, don’t forget to check out “Hit the Beach in One Week.”


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