Girl Talk Episode 1: “5 Ways to Make Yourself Happy”

I am excited to inaugurate (such an official word) Outskirt’s podcast series Girl Talk. Each week I’ll be discussing a different issue pertinent to women, although men are allowed too. Sometimes it’ll be me solo dolo, while other times I’ll speak with friends or interview experts and notable ladies.

Despite my weird voice and a strange drop in quality around the 3:30 mark, the first podcast turned out pretty good.

This week’s episode “5 Ways to Make Yourself Happy” was sparked by Roko Belic’s 2011 documentary “Happy,” which is available on Netflix. It’s a film that sets out to answer the essential question “What makes people happy?”. I urge everyone to find out more about “Happy” on the film’s website and do a little something every day to make yourself smile. Here’s five things that you can do:

Resources that I mentioned in the podcast:

What do you do to make yourself happy?


2 thoughts on “Girl Talk Episode 1: “5 Ways to Make Yourself Happy”

  1. you sho is smart, Ant! you made me laugh and this was a very insightful and informative first podcast (although i know you don’t need my praise ha). bravo!

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