Small Steps

Small Steps GraphicI’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” That’s because it wasn’t (I know–I was there). Take one step at a time. Everything happens when it’s supposed to, so all you need to do is stay encouraged while you work towards your goals.

“Small steps every day”… Just in case I you need a reminder.

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Early Rise Challenge Update

April Early Rise Challenge

Have you been waking up early to seize the day? I’ve been waking up at 5:30am during my April Early Rise Challenge and it’s been awesome. (I’m not just saying that because it’s my challenge.)

Here’s some differences I’ve noticed so far:

  • I’ve gotten so much done! On the first day of the challenge I exercised, ate breakfast, wrote and got a little Good Morning America in all before I started to get ready for work.
  • I’m much more focused throughout the day, even after the lunch-time crash.
  • I can actually go to sleep at a decent hour. Because I get up earlier, I have no problem getting to sleep before 11pm (as opposed to my usual after midnight bedtime).

It’s not too late to join the challenge! Keep me updated by leaving a comment or using the hashtag #AprilEarlyRise on Twitter.


April Early Rise Challenge


April Early Rise Challenge

Did you know early risers are more proactive, are better planners and are more optimistic? Yep, according to several studies, early risers are just better than the rest of us. I’m all about self-improvement, so I’ve started the Early Rise Challenge this month. My goals are to wake up at 5:30am every day (after 7 hours of sleep) and workout, eat breakfast and check some things off of my to do list all before I head to work.

If you’re anything like me (you love to sleep in and press snooze about 10 times before you fall out of bed), then I’d love for you to join me! Leave a comment with your challenge goals or let me know on Twitter using the hashtag #AprilEarlyRise. You’re on your way to forming a habit with many benefits–get excited!

An Easy Way to Motivate Yourself

Framed Quote

We all need that extra kick of motivation every now and then (or every day if you’re me). While there are too many inspirational books, podcasts and blog posts to consume in a day, there is one simple way to motivate yourself: leave reminders!

I write quotes on post-it notes, the bathroom mirror or wherever I see fit. I’ve even framed one of my favorite quotes and saved a fortune as my phone’s wallpaper. These little reminders always lift my spirits and even slap me in the face and yell “snap out of it!” when I’m being hard on myself.

How do you stay motivated?

Phone Wallpaper

Girl Talk Episode 1: “5 Ways to Make Yourself Happy”

I am excited to inaugurate (such an official word) Outskirt’s podcast series Girl Talk. Each week I’ll be discussing a different issue pertinent to women, although men are allowed too. Sometimes it’ll be me solo dolo, while other times I’ll speak with friends or interview experts and notable ladies.

Despite my weird voice and a strange drop in quality around the 3:30 mark, the first podcast turned out pretty good.

This week’s episode “5 Ways to Make Yourself Happy” was sparked by Roko Belic’s 2011 documentary “Happy,” which is available on Netflix. It’s a film that sets out to answer the essential question “What makes people happy?”. I urge everyone to find out more about “Happy” on the film’s website and do a little something every day to make yourself smile. Here’s five things that you can do:

Resources that I mentioned in the podcast:

What do you do to make yourself happy?