Classy Cocktails

Old Fashioned

What’s your favorite cocktail? Is it something you’re embarrassed to shout to a bartender? You shouldn’t be ashamed–it’s just a drink. However, it may be time to step your cocktail game up if you’re suffering from bar embarrassment. I’m not saying people will judge you on your drink of choice, I’m just saying they may judge you on your drink of choice.

So here’s some classic cocktails from Food & Wine. Try one of these next time you want to fool people into thinking you’re fancy.

Photo Courtesy: Sean Davis



A Beginner’s Guide to Beer

various beers

I can’t stand going to bars with beer snobs. I’m one of those just-get-me-the-cheapest-beer-that-doesn’t-taste-horribly people. Better yet, I’ll have a glass of Merlot.

If you’re anything like me then check out John Harvard’s Quick Guide to Beer Styles–it should ease your brew insecurities. It’s extremely comprehensive, so the next time you’re out you’ll know the difference between old ale, pale ale and cream ale (SO. MANY. ALES).

Cheers to becoming a beer connoisseur! Don’t say I never helped you. *sips brown ale*

Photo Courtesy: Cambridge Brewing Co.