Throwback Thursday: Outkast feat. Killer Mike – “The Whole World”

The Coachella crowd may not have been enthused about Outkast’s reunion, but who cares? The die-hard fans like me were more than pleased to stream the performance and hold mini concerts in our living rooms. (Everyone did that, right?).

Andre, Big Boi and Killer Mike weren’t able to perform “The Whole World,” so here it is, folks.

Be sure to check out Outkast if they come to a festival near you.


Throwback Thursday: The Evolution of Mad Men’s Peggy Olsen

In honor of the final season of Mad Men premiering this Sunday, AMC started it’s Then and Now series detailing the evolution of the show’s most popular characters.

Here’s the Then and Now for my favorite character Peggy Olsen, who went from Don Draper’s “girl” to… Well, I’ll keep that to myself for those of you who are still binge watching the series on Netflix.

You can also check out Then and Now videos for other Mad Men characters, including everyone’s favorite red head Joan Harris, on AMC’s YouTube page.

Throwback Thursday: Amerie – “Why Don’t We Fall In Love”

It’s hot. I know I was begging for warm weather last week, but I live in the South and when it warms up down here… It WARMS up.

It already feels like summer, so I figured I celebrate with huge sunglasses and a song that sounds like sunshine. Can’t you just picture yourself in a monokini as Amerie sings this?

Throwback Thursday: St. Vincent – “Cheerleader”

Twenty-somethings use the word “obsessed” too much. We’re obsessed with this, obsessed with that. I try to fight it, but I’m one of those omg-absolutely-obsessed women.

So of course, I’m obsessed with St. Vincent’s latest self-titled album. Take a listen on Spotify if you haven’t heard it. While you’re there, check out her entire catalog, which includes one of my favorite albums Strange Mercy. It’s hard to choose the best song from that LP, but “Cheerleader” is definitely a standout.

Enjoy and become obsessed.

Throwback Thursday: Queen Latifah – “U.N.I.T.Y.”

Sometimes I forget how talented Queen Latifah is. She’s a rapper, singer, actress and a great role model. When I was a child, I remember wanting to grow up to be Khadijah James and own a hip hop magazine. (I actually still want to be Khadijah James.)

In honor of the last Thursday of Women’s History Month and the belated birthday of Queen Latifah, I decided that “U.N.I.T.Y.” was worthy of a spin. This is one of the most important hip hop songs ever made and it’s a shame that this message still rings true.

Kudos to the Queen. Happy Women’s History Month!

Throwback Thursday: Alice Smith – “New Religion”

In honor of the one and only Alice Smith returning to music, please enjoy her performing “New Religion” from her 2006 debut For Lovers, Dreamers & Me.

Smith’s new album SHE was just released this week after a successful Kickstarter campaign and can be purchased on iTunes.

Have you heard SHE?

Photo Courtesy: wfuv

Throwback Thursday: Quadron – “Far Cry”

Danish duo Quadron is set to make their comeback this year, according to their official Twitter. They also let fans know that they’d be working with Pharrell, which sounds simply amazing.

Quadron tweet

Take a listen to “Far Cry” from Coco and Rob’s 2009 debut as you wait for their new material to bless your ears.