Wardrobe: Rompers for Spring

How cute are rompers? Seriously, they’re playful, sexy and perfect for warm weather. (Also, a one piece has to be the most convenient thing ever.) I wasn’t sure what to think when rompers came back on the scene a couple of years ago, but I picked up a floral one from Urban Outfitters in 2009 and I’ve been sold since then.

Spring Rompers

Luckily, for ladies who like to show off their gams, rompers aren’t going anywhere. Try a pastel or neon-colored one this spring. And, of course, anything splashed in flowers will do.

1 LOVE Mint Oriental Print Frill Shorts Playsuit, 2 Topshop Petite Lace Back Playsuit, 3 ANGL Tangerine Cut Out Halter Romper


Wardrobe: Floral Accessories for Spring

Floral Accessories


Don’t you just love spring? Sure, it’s still freezing in many places, but that’s where imagination comes in. Grab a floral accessory, like the Topshop velvet flower garland, sip on a margarita and pretend the sun’s beaming on you in Cancun. (Unless you’re actually in Cancun… In that case, please bring the sun back with you.)

Wardrobe: Transition from Summer to Fall

Transition from Summer to Fall
Rick Owens drape cardigan / Acne slouchy tee / Super skinny jeans, $55 / River Island black eyewear, $205 / Hat

As summer wraps up and the sun gives us some relief (hopefully), it’s time to start thinking about your fall wardrobe. That late August/early September weather can be confusing at times. Is it hot? Where’s the sun? Wait, was that wind? Mother Nature can trick even the smartest woman.

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